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Swing voters election night party at One Lounge DC

03 Nov

Text and photo

by Shaun Sargen

One Lounge in Northwest D.C. launched the mid-term political cycle with its very own November 2nd
Election Party this week. Dems, Repubs, Teas, and Indies alike kicked back, then threw back drink and
food specials while peering anxiously at the big screen to see if they were in for another two years of
governmental agony or ecstasy. All were in play as Red States, Blue States, Green States (Are there
green states?) and Swing States awaited their civic fate. Partygoers were treated to great music, jumbo-
sized election updates, excellent service, and the kind of high brow bureaucratic banter found only in
D.C. Conservatives, Liberals, and those who couldn’t care less enjoyed great food, spirits, and spirited

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