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DeeJay Neekola – music and beyond

10 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Who does not know her? Neekola is a definition of DJ in DC area (and, she is spreading her wings Nationally and Internationally, too!).  Those who love clubbing know her face and her music, and today we get the chance to actually talk to her, which seems to be quiet a rare chance…

Q: How did it all start? (meaning when did you first think of becoming a DJ, how it grew… etc.)
A: I’ve always loved the sound of electronic music, from being a child listening to Herbie Hancock, MARS, Technotronic, Kraftwerk, etc.  I never really understood electronic music however until I moved to Germany.  There I realized that electronic music is appreciated by lots of people, especially overseas, and I really felt at home all of a sudden the first time I walked into a disco blasting electronic music.  I knew I had a place in the industry, but I wasn’t exactly sure – so I dabbled with production, and failed miserably.  Once I had moved back to the USA, I had invited my girlfriends to a party in DC (I was living in Richmond at the time), because I heard Christopher Lawrence would be DJing there.  I was very into trance music and I knew he was a DJ and a producer, so I was very interested in hearing him at this party (it was at Fur nightclub).  Because we were a group of girls, we were invited to meet the DJ, so I had asked him in person what the difference between a DJ and producer was, because I wanted to produce, and he told me – I need to learn to DJ first.  I never thought about Djing before this, but after he had told me, I signed up immediately for a few classes in NYC scratch academy, and learned the basics of DJing on 2 hip hop records.  My friend Tyke back in Richmond gave me a mixer and some old trance records, and I began to practice the technics diligently at home.  I soon became addicted, started collecting my own vinyl, and soon started DJing out, and have never stopped since.

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