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Fashion and Art benefiting Lollipops

12 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Friday evening Washington Design Center vivified by “The beyond words Fashion and Art Show”, benefiting Lollipop Kids Foundation. The place was packed to see the show of FOUR amazing designers –


Chez Kevito,

Andrew Nowell

and Afua Sam

Before, as well as after fashion show, guests could enjoy children’s art works by WVSA, as well as Lisa Jones’ collection called “Shattered Glass II”. So, it was a harmonious mix of art, fashion and networking.

Applauds never faded away, one great collection after another. Tsyndyma, who we thought was taking a break from showing her fabulous pieces on runways in DC, so it was even more thrilling that she did, and brightened the evening by new creative pieces. Titi of Chez Kevito presented not only sexy colorful dresses but also hand-made jewelry. Andrew Nowell put all the spectators in awe mode by equipping his opening model with a wooden crook, and the whole collection had very pilgrimy feel. Afua Sam’s collection was very glamorous, theatrical and chic. All the designers presented their visions, so different, but combined by one idea – creating beauty and giving back to the community.

Enjoy some pictures and don’t forget to see the whole gallery.

Afua Sam's

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