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Gilt City’s warehouse/closet revealed

14 Feb

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

On Friday the 10th Gilt City DC gave access to its treasured warehouse to the VIP/press, with following sale event on Saturday for the public. Long View gallery was buzzing and babbling with excitement of privileged shoppers, digging through goods and sipping on the campaign. Rivers of designers garments, shoes, accessories and whatnot were filtered by DC fashionistas, leaving messy piles behind like 3 year-olds on Halloween playdate. Yours truly attended the first part and it was scary to imagine what has actually happened on Saturday night with about 1000 people RSVPd for the event.

Enjoy some pics which I could not help but treat in randomly vintage-y style. Oh and by the way those granola bars were beyond amazing. What was the brand again? Were eaten ruthlessly.

Tons and tons of stuff! I wonder if there is anything left now?

Excitment sprinkling

Barbara Martin and Jayne Sandman of BrandLink DC in the fitting room. B looks accomplished and J seems still on the hunt despite the number of the hangers! Bravo!

Vanessa Rodriguez of Federal Realty playing dress-up. On Vanessa: Dress: Pucci Orginial price: $2500 Sale price: $499 Shoes: Kathryn Amberleigh Original price: $202 Sale price: $49 Bangles: Chamak Sale price: $10 Handbag Valentino Original price: $2995 Sale price: $499

Art on the back. Glances in the fitting room.

fabulous Anchyi Wei in Zac Posen dress, originally $1250, sale $249

Real time photographers - Alfredo Flores and Daniel Swartz


Gilt City is now officially married to DC

28 Jul

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

It was hot hot and not because of the weather on Tuesday, July 26 in Halcyon House in Georgetown (which is, by the way, for sale now. Got $16 million?). The finest crowd of invitees streamed down to celebrate the long-awaited landing of GiltCity in DC. Gallons of drinks and tons of fingerfoods made the mingling even more smooth and easy and pleasurable, it was surely the_party_to_be_at. No wonder party crashers were buzzing around trying to get in!

Luckily, weather has cooperated and allowed this garden party with lawn games and other outdoor activities to happen. Gilt City’s Juleanna Glover, Winston Lord, Susanna Quinn, Lindsay Czarniak and Craig Melvin could not be happier with the outcome of the event, produced by BrandLink DC.

Spotted: Eun Yang, Joseph Ireland, Logan Persons Jones, Dr.Mark Drapeau, Peter Corbett, Marybeth Coleman, Courtney O’Donnell, Christy Schlesinger, Jill Hudson Neal, Karen Sommer Shalett, Mary-Frances Wain, Sean Staples, Shea Van Horn, Sarah Wildman, Brandy Morgan, Jill Chamberlin Powell, Rachel Cothran, Lindsay Czarniak, Leandro Oliva, Alexe Nowakowski, Holly Thomas, Nikki Schwab, Tara de Nicolas, Emily Miller, Holidae Hayes, Bradley Duckworth, Laura Chavez, Kate Glassman Bennett, Angie Goff and Adora, Dr. Alex Naini, Michael M.Clements, Anchyi Wei, Catherine Ommanney, Lynda Erkiletian, Ebong Eka, Tommy McFly, Barbara Martin, Jayne Sandman, Catherine Calabrese, Richard Desonier, Mary Byrd, Christina Sevilla, Tiffany Carter, Maggie O’Neill, Heather Guay, Ashley Mason-Greene, Ali Howard, Annie Perezchica, Libby Ulman, Danielle Bolger, Diana King, Stephanie Green, Svetlana Legetic, Kiki Ryan, Marissa Schneider and so many more!

Enjoy some pictures and stay tuned for more Gilt City guilty pleasant offers.

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Gilt City’s “Friends with benefits” preview with cocktails

23 Jul

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Again, those lucky got their free tickets to “Friends with benefits” movie preview, even before it hit the theaters, plus a cocktail reception before, by GiltCity. Bar area in Clyde’s restaurant at Gallery Place Chinatown was filled with excited previewers-to-be, mingling, sipping on the cocktails and craving on the bites. When it’s hot like that outside, all you really want is to be inside of air-conditioned environment, absorbing cold drinks. Tuesday, July 19, was one of the days to do so.

Enjoy the pictures.

Attendees enjoying the reception

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Gilt City’s first step in DC – Urban Chic Boutique event

19 Jul

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Gilt City didn’t even have to knock on the DC door. It was wide open and sophisticated crowd of shoppers, diners, sport and show admirers were awaiting with flowers and orchestra. No wonder the first four deals Gilt City offered were snatched literally in minutes! Stay tuned for more and pray fortune will smile at you if it still didn’t.

The very first event made quite an entrance on Monday, July 18. 25 (twenty five) lucky ones got $100 gift cards to Urban Chic Boutique, exclusive shopping experience with styling advisors in boutique after hours, bottomless champagne and cupcakes from legendary Georgetown cupcake. Without a doubt, it was full success in attendance! Wouldn’t you come if you had to shop with 75% discount in Urban Chic, personal shopper to help you, sips and sweets all around, and 20% off toward future Gilt City yummy offers?

Urban Chic DC

1626 Wisconsin Avenue
Washington, DC 20007
t: (202) 338-5398
Monday-Saturday 10-7 PM
Sunday 12-5 PM

Enjoy the pictures!

BrandLink DC's Danielle Bolger, Urban Chic's Katie Nannes, Megan Hood, Margaret Anne McCarver, Jennifer Cook; BrandLink DC's Catherine Calabrese

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