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The Power 30 Under 30 Awards presentation in DC

22 Oct

Text, photos and videos

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

City Club of Washington has already probably used to many upscale and private events but the one happened on Thursday night, October, 21, was still one of a kind. FIRST in DC “Power 30 under 30” awards presentation attracted all the young nominees¬† in this fabulous venue, where finally “the 30” out of 140 finalists were announced.

Event chair of APEX society Chelsey Rodgers announcing the winners

What is Power 30 under 30? It is one of the most prestigious awards given to young professionals today. It was created to honor and encourage outstanding young individuals, in following categories:

*Arts, Entertainment & Media

* Business

* Community Service

* Politics

* Science & Technology

* Sports

It is National organization and you can nominate someone you know and who, by your opinion, deserves to be noticed and rewarded for their outstanding accomplishments.

Cities where currently The power 30 under 30 are being held: Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, New York, Seattle, and, of course, the very close to the heart Washington, D.C. If your city is not on the list, you can still apply under “All other cities not listed”.¬† All award should go where they are due!

Congratulations to the chosen!

The list of the honorees and some pictures

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