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Portrait of Georgia in National Portrait Gallery

27 May

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

National Portrait Gallery housed , as it seemed, about thousand people on Tuesday night, May 24, for Portrait of Georgia gathering. The event was to celebrate 20th Anniversary of the restoration of Georgian Independence. All guests were personally greeted at the entrance by Georgia Ambassaador Temuri Yakobashvili and his wife Yana Fremer. 24 years old opera singer Sophie Nizharadze performed both Georgian and American anthems, as well as “Happy Birthday” song to Congressman Doug Lamborn.

All guests could “discover Georgia” through its classic and contemporary art, photography, dance, music, and, of course, wine and food. Georgians are well renowned for their hospitality and generosity. Four original Georgian chefs prepared a fiest, and a river of special Georgian mineral water “Borjomi” and wine would not end. Georgia is the oldest wine making region in the world. According to a legend, on the day God was allocating parts of the world to the people of the Earth, the Georgians were feasting. As a result, they arrived late and were told by God that all of the land had already been distributed. When the Georgians replied that they were late only because they had been lifting their glasses in praise of Him, God was pleased. In return, He gave the Georgians that part of Earth that He had been reserving for Himself.

There is a phenomenon called the Georgian syndrome.

Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili kept guests ecstatic during whole time of their fantastic performances.

Batik art by Nino Khoperia was on sale, and special 3D  exhibit by Gia Kereselidze was presented to complete the Portrait Of Georgia.

Enjoy the pictures and some video.

Ambassador of Georgia in the US Temuri Yakobashvili greeting guests

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Cherry Blossom Ball 2011

12 Apr

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

As a culminations of Chery Blossom Festival, annual Grand Ball and sushi reception took place in Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel on April 8, 2011. Honoring the 2011 NCSS Princesses and the official crowning ceremony of the 2011 United States Cherry Blossom Queen Celebrating the 99th Year anniversary of the first planting of Cherry Blossoms trees. Allison Speaker of Shperdstown, West Virginia was chosen as the 2011 United States Cherry Blossom Queen. The crown for the Queen to wear (for about a minute) is a Mikimoto Crown given by the Mikimoto Company to The Washington Board of Trade in 1957 for use at this annual ball.  The crown has 1,585 pearls personally selected by Mr. Mikimoto and they are set in a frame of 14 karat gold and a band of ermine.  Above the base is a coronet of perfectly matched pearls and delicately hand crafted gold blossoms, scrolls and leaves. It was appraised in 2005 for about $300,000.

2010 Cherry Blossom Queen Margo Pfefferle of Wisconsin, Cherry Blossom Princess Varvara Mikhalchuk of Maryland, with Mikimoto Crown

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Viennese Ball waltzed gracefully last Saturday

27 Feb

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

On Saturday night February, 26, International Club of DC hosted Viennese Ball at National Museum of Women in the Arts. Men in elegant tuxedos and women in gorgeous gowns gathered together for dance, live music, performances by professional dancers and fantastic food. When you don’t have to go to work the next day – what could be more relaxing? The ball folded up at midnight, so everybody could leave feeling like Cinderellas!

Enjoy the pictures.

Todd Borzych and Migle Marcele Gyneitite

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DeeJay Neekola skyrockets her first album – “Playtime” – at District

30 Jan

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Top charted and internationally known DeeJay Neekola celebrated her first album “Playtime” launch  at District in Adams Morgan. Highly anticipated album, and of course, the “girl from its cover” herself, attracted as many people as could fit into the club. It was hot, noisy and fun, and so many DC’s best paid a visit to show the support to everybody’s favorite DJ! Her friend and partner Rex Riot co-spinned that night and together they rocked the club. Neekola was wearing hot dresses, from open back with gloves by Aidah, to hot pink disco mini-mirrors waist by Carlos Reaves and heels by Jezabelles Custom Shoes.

Spotted: Maggy Fancy Francois and Christine Brooks, Paul Wharton, Aidah Fontenot, Kate Michael, Maurissa Potts, Vanessa Camozzi, Michael Clements and Anchyi Wei, Maggie O’Neil and Chris Roche, Donna Donella, Elaine Mensah,  Bianca Chardei, Rachel DeMita, Tim Coburn and about 6 thousand more people *just kidding*

Enjoy some pictures and don’t forget to visit a whole gallery.

Rock it, spin it, shake it!

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All access Holiday party at Newseum: 3000 people and counting!

04 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

If Newseum building was a bit smaller, it would explode on Friday! More than THREE THOUSAND people thronged in for a Holiday party which, no word is too big to express it, was HUGE success and went on even later than it was planned (who would want to leave such fabulous party, considering a whole weekend ahead with no alarm clocks!) The event was brought as a partnership of Newseum and BYT. Seems like after-hours museum parties become a beautiful tradition and bring lots of excitement into the public. There are some people who are strictly nightlife fellas and have no chance to see museum expositions since they are only open at daytime. That kind of events broad up the access and take whole museum visiting to a new level.

Just for $15 ticket you could get:

* Exclusive after-hours access to the Newseum — a dazzling, high-tech roller-coaster ride through 500 years of headline history including Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalism, the Berlin Wall and exciting galleries, theaters and interactives
* Autorock DJ
* Cash bar with specialty cocktails and holiday treats available for purchase
* An unveiling of a very special photo installation by BYT photographers featuring some of our favorite D.C. faces and characters of 2010
* Christmas At Ground Zero – A book talk from Tad Daley, author of Apocalypse Never: Forging the Path to a Nuclear Weapon-Free World.
* Exciting films, merriment, mistletoe and more!
* And most importantly, full access to the following Newseum exhibits:

* Berlin Wall Gallery
* Athlete: The Sports Illustrated Photography of Walter Iooss
* G-Men & Journalists: Top News Stories of the FBI’s First Century
* Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery
* Interactive Newsroom and Ethics Center

Enjoy the pictures.

more pictures and link to whole gallery

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International Club of DC: Masquerade and Anniversary

25 Oct

Text,  photos and video

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

On the night of October, 23, in  The National Museum of Women in the Arts (can you ever find anything more significant?), International Club of DC delivered Annual Masquerade Ball and Seventh Anniversary Gala. Needless to say, the minute you step into the building, you find yourself like on a movie set. Well where else you are able to see so many tuxedos and gowns and masks at the same time? Classic music, performing by live orchestra, and gracefully twirling couples, just add to the feeling. In such atmosphere digital cameras and advanced cell phones look like alien devices from the future. It was absolutely most elegant evening you can imagine and you would not want to trade it for anything else. Food was absolutely expectational (contemporary, too) – consider yourself forget about diet for a while, although you could easily “dance it off” on this marvelous floor. And, the most important part, you don’t have to be “international” to attend.

Enjoy the montage.

All gallery is here.

some pictures here