Bye-bye Betsey secret garden party

21 May

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

If I was asked to name three words associated with Betsey, first, I would definitely say FUN. Then, it would be COLOR, and GLITTER. This is what she is, this is what all “betsey girls” are, despite origin, age, religious or political views, or sexual orientation. She is The_Cosmopolite uniting women all over the world who are not afraid to stand out, even sometimes suggested to go to psych ward by some standard minds.

On Sunday May 20, secret garden behind “Betsey Johnson” store in Georgetown was filled with music, shiny shoes with bows, colorful tutus and chitah print/floral/lacey dresses. Everybody who cares came to virtually say their goodbyes, participate in glitter-bombing the yard, sip on pink cocktails and shop for nearly last time. The store on M street was occupied by BJ for 20 years and was favorited by many. Stream there if you want clearance betseys!

Whoever rents the spot afterwards, will be surprised by glitter trees blooming on the backyard the very next spring, because glitter seeds are definitely sowed.

Beautiful soulful music was delivered by two fabulous girls from “Sweater set” band.

By, Betsey. You will be hurtfully missed by millions.

BJ stores:

3029 M street NW

Washington DC 20007

(202) 338-4090

Also in Tysons Galleria:

2001 International Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102

(703) 442-3940

Online: HERE (not for long, sigh)

Enjoy the pictures

PR manager Jenny Zinn with glitter! About to explode!

Sweater set performing

Betsey Girls!

let the sowing begin!

Jenny on the cherry tree!

glittered up!

me (on the right) and Shavon Futrell. Flower power~

Whole gallery of 23 images available HERE