Save-it-all pouch – Neckid!

29 Apr

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Being a photographer and liking to wearing dresses on the events (yes I’m also a woman!). It is always a pain to just drop my bags somewhere in the corner and not having anything on me. You’d ask, what do I need beside the camera? I’d answer, all the stuff guys shove in their pockets, at least! A phone – that’s for starters. My business cards – that’s for sure. Credit cards (and ID) – needed! Some cash to tip bartenders and/or valet. A lipstick would be nice as well. Also, I need some place to put other people’s business cards. Even if I have a dress with pockets, never in a million years I’m going to be able to fit all this stuff in them without looking ridiculous. I’ve been trying to look and purchase some mini-bag that would go with everything and still be stylish. So when my model friend contacted me and told about this thing – Neckid pouch – I was convinced this is it!

When I got it in the mail – and guess what color I ordered – the one they call “orange slice” – I also discovered it has the softest insides! I now take it with me to the events and don’t have to run to my purse in the corner every time I need something!

They call it “Joeys” – and they are available in colors: Sweet Chocolate, Cotton Candy, Cherry, Pink Frosting, Marshmallow, Caramel, Blueberry, Grape, and Orange Slice, like mine! You also can choose different styles of necklaces to go with your Joey.

If you are my kind of gal – like to go to events and keep your hands free – then order your Neckid HERE.

Some pics, as usual!

the one they call "bigger inside than outside"

What was inside - phone, business cards (mine and others'), credit cards, cash.. Lipstick (slim one) would fit, too!


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