Jason Wu is in Target – don’t blame it on the cat!

10 Feb

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Highly anticipated and widely announced Jason Wu‘s pieces finally occupied front racks in Target – and some are already sold out! Breezy, tender, romantic colors, very feminine flattering silhouettes, and just total irresistible cuteness of every creation – obviously this is what people fed up with winter were really hungry for!

They take it to the next level every time Target presents new brand!

Best forgiving silhouettes ever. I had this navy dress when I was little girl. Love the socks with shoes.

It is amazing how fashion returns! So comfortable, so effortless, so easy, so light.

Scarves. Infamous cat multiplied!

Genious hand.

Beside the preciousness of everything he does… nothing is more expensive than $50! Can be purchased online HERE and in Target stores Nationwide.

Other significant brands Target carried (and yours truly loved…) among many others are: Isaac Mizrahi, Jovovich-Hawk and Missoni

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