Betsey fights for Betsey coming

26 Jun

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Betsey Johnson boutique at Tysons Galleria entered a friendly competition to win Betsey herself coming for a visit! On Thursday night, June 23, regulars and newbies could come and enjoy pink (signature Betsey color) party, filled with fun, pink sweets and raffles. It is always a win to just hang out at Betsey’s – great mood is guaranteed. Let’s cross fingers and wait if this boutique won – and if it did, we’d be expecting Betsey Johnson coming soon. Boy, would so many people in DC be happy then!

Hosts and attendees

Everything is pink!

... and Betsey, too!



40% is almost half!

Last donut standing!

Uniqie Betsey bling

Whole gallery of 13 is available HERE