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Are you man enough to walk in heels?

02 Jun

On behalf of Becky’s Fund and the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, we would like to invite you to the upcoming 1st Annual Walk A Mile in Her Shoes March.

Buy tickets here:

This Walk A Mile in Her Shoes event will be the first global and DC March in history that will be held in multiple countries on the same day. The goal of this March is to raise awareness about the preva…lence of domestic violence in the District and highlight the role of men in responding to and preventing this critical issue facing many women, men and children in our City.

To show their support, all participating men in the March will be wearing high heels – they will truly be walking in the shoes of domestic abuse victims.
*** Women can show support by sponsoring a male friend, father, son and Men will also be able to have the option of walking in different types of shoes.

~~Join this growing list of men who have decided to go through the painful agony of walking a mile wearing women’s shoes to support the movement against dating and domestic violence:

Evan Samir Ibrahim
Reese Gardner
Manu Kennedy
Ike Nwaneri
George Karmokolias
Mike Lee
David Moretti
Howard Lee
Sean Sebastian
Dwight Dillard
Ken Suarez
Mike Knapp
Sam Harper
John Fultz
David Guttadauro
David Kamara
Brian Silver
Malik Pollard
Joe Esposito
Ryan Maddock
David Slavick
Sean Banks
Carlos Gray
Kareem Kirdassi
Ivan Carter
Rocky Parrish

Those participating include local students, concerned citizens, local celebrities, professional athletes, and members of the Media. The March will also be highlighted internationally as a part of the Pixel Project and the International Walk A Mile in Her Shoes Initiative.

Last year, the DC Metropolitan Police Dept responded to more than thirty thousand domestic violence incidences. Countless more victims silently endured violence at the hands of a loved one. Though often not acknowledged, men are a critical link in ending domestic violence in our City.

Thank you so much and we hope you will join us on June 19th!

If you are interested in VOLUNTEERING at this event, please email