True philanthropist would even use his Birthday to give back

07 May

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Don Patron celebrated his “17”-th Birthday to support “Open door shelter” in Southeast DC. For very famous “Unbirthday Birthday” party more than 300 people RSVP-d and seemed like even more came.  Every guest has been asked to buy a present… for a child in shelter. Those who didn’t have time (or simply didn’t know how) for toy shopping, could simply leave a check made to that charity. Who else but Don knows how to throw a fabulous party where everybody would eat, drink, dance, love and be loved, and enjoy artistic atmosphere of the house! That house was soaked in creativity, and guests felt free to correspond – there were lots of costumes and elements – the party was anything but plain! And, benefited a great cause.

Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to see whole gallery.



Don Patron (left) and guests

Deidree Bennett, Donna Donnells, Lauri Tamney

themed cupcakes

Kitty guest

Maggie O'Neill, Dominique Fierro

Kate Michael and painting of her made by Don for "Stellar Constellation"

Don Patron and me (Yulia Mikhalchuk)

Enjoy whole gallery of 40 images HERE


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