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Spring starts in Phila and spreads explosively

11 Mar

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Every year, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and Philadelphia Green get benefited from International Flower show. It lasts from Sunday to Sunday, first week of March, and represents different theme each year. In 2011, it was “Springtime in Paris”. Not only was there a base of Eiffel Tower, with blooming cherries surrounding it, but there was also  a light_and_music show, seas of flowers and compositions, whole sets with houses-furniture etc. It is the one show, for sure, that’s indescribable by words and better be seen. It is the biggest indoor flower show in the country. Dates of this show are preset till 2018 now. The theme of  2012 is going to be “The islands of Aloha”, it will take place on March 4-11, 2012,  and tickets will be available online starting October, 2011 here.

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