“Work it girl!” brings hot Santa Helper to support Blessed Haven

18 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

It was the last Happy hour “Work it girl!” had to offer this year, and it was coolest (or hottest?) ever. Despite the freeze and snowflakery in DC area, hot swimwear model Cheryl Preyer flew from Florida to help raising funds for Blessed Haven. And, it was a huge success! You bet, Cheryl would sell icicles by the price of crystals! As Teresa Young informed, event raised over $500, plus, made happy so many people, who are going to cruise to Bahamas for just $5 raffle ticket! Turns out, at the end of the day, giving to others does pay off!

Staying warm isn’t about clothing in this season, but it’s about uniting in doing great things, for example, supporting foster teens, as Blessed Haven does.

Work it Girl's Teresa Young, overexcited attendant, swuimsuit model Cheryl Preyer

Blessed Haven's Danielle M.Jennings (far left) flanked by friends

raffles! Someone is going to win soon!

Santa Helper's slippers!

Live band

Generous giveaway started!!!

Tony Holdaway who won cruise to Bahamas

Joey and Kristen Farfaglia who won 14 days vacation in Orlando, FL

Teresa Young and Cheryl Preyer

Whole gallery is available HERE


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