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“Work it girl!” brings hot Santa Helper to support Blessed Haven

18 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

It was the last Happy hour “Work it girl!” had to offer this year, and it was coolest (or hottest?) ever. Despite the freeze and snowflakery in DC area, hot swimwear model Cheryl Preyer flew from Florida to help raising funds for Blessed Haven. And, it was a huge success! You bet, Cheryl would sell icicles by the price of crystals! As Teresa Young informed, event raised over $500, plus, made happy so many people, who are going to cruise to Bahamas for just $5 raffle ticket! Turns out, at the end of the day, giving to others does pay off!

Staying warm isn’t about clothing in this season, but it’s about uniting in doing great things, for example, supporting foster teens, as Blessed Haven does.

Work it Girl's Teresa Young, overexcited attendant, swuimsuit model Cheryl Preyer

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Hope for Haiti: there is one!

16 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

On Wednesday night The Reserve On L restaurant was buzzed with excitement to benefit NOAH (National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians). The Pampered Rose‘ Alisani Brazil presented her two new fragrances, as well as whole line of products for sale to  raise money for the cause. Demont “Peekaso” Pinder provided fine art piece, created specifically for Haiti. There was live band, jewelry, treats and drinks and mingle-friendly atmosphere. All the proceeds will go directly to Haiti Earthquake victims.

Painting by Demont "Peekaso" Pinder

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Winter Wonderland at L2: First annual

15 Dec

Everything that Art Soiree does – it does at highest standards. Winter Wonderland, planned to launch on December, 23 at L2 lounge, fingers crossed, won’t be any exception.  There will be Ice sculptures, live performances and multi-artist photography exhibit, all combined by “Winter Wonderland” theme. Mark your calendar, this is an event to go to.

If you are unable to attend, then look for the coverage by DressHopper any time soon after the 23-d.


Georgetown Jingle: Christmas is officially here!

14 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Georgetown Jingle “jingled” for 5th time. Happy Anniversary! Four Seasons Hotel on Pennsylvania avenue opened its doors and allowed hundreds of happy and ready to give back guests into warm decorated environment. If Santa’s sleigh really would run on Christmas spirit, just this event along would send it around the globe few times!

In 2010, Georgetown Jingle welcomed 22 new sponsors and more than 30 new auction, restaurant or gift bag sponsors.  Since 2006, when the event was created, GT has raised $1.3 million in support of Georgetown University Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology programs, specifically the Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Program (in collaboration with Duke University) and the Cancer Survivorship Program.

Whole family could enjoy the event. Everybody could sample delicious foods and desserts from DC favorite restaurants. Adults could shop for auction items and test their luck with raffle tickets, or just hang out in DC Magazine’s Sports Lounge. Kids had a blast at workshop where they could decorate cupcakes or holiday cards, and eat the firsts, make a wish on Santa’s lap, get goodie-bag with reindeer (guess who was the most popular? tip: he has red nose). Absolutely everybody’s favorite was live performance by Pamala Stanley – kids were jumping their energy off on stage and tried to mimic her dancing moves.

Dear Santa, everybody  tried so hard helping to fight childhood cancer… please don’t forget to include everybody in your “Nice” list. Merry Christmas!

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Fashion and Art benefiting Lollipops

12 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Friday evening Washington Design Center vivified by “The beyond words Fashion and Art Show”, benefiting Lollipop Kids Foundation. The place was packed to see the show of FOUR amazing designers –


Chez Kevito,

Andrew Nowell

and Afua Sam

Before, as well as after fashion show, guests could enjoy children’s art works by WVSA, as well as Lisa Jones’ collection called “Shattered Glass II”. So, it was a harmonious mix of art, fashion and networking.

Applauds never faded away, one great collection after another. Tsyndyma, who we thought was taking a break from showing her fabulous pieces on runways in DC, so it was even more thrilling that she did, and brightened the evening by new creative pieces. Titi of Chez Kevito presented not only sexy colorful dresses but also hand-made jewelry. Andrew Nowell put all the spectators in awe mode by equipping his opening model with a wooden crook, and the whole collection had very pilgrimy feel. Afua Sam’s collection was very glamorous, theatrical and chic. All the designers presented their visions, so different, but combined by one idea – creating beauty and giving back to the community.

Enjoy some pictures and don’t forget to see the whole gallery.

Afua Sam's

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DeeJay Neekola – music and beyond

10 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Who does not know her? Neekola is a definition of DJ in DC area (and, she is spreading her wings Nationally and Internationally, too!).  Those who love clubbing know her face and her music, and today we get the chance to actually talk to her, which seems to be quiet a rare chance…

Q: How did it all start? (meaning when did you first think of becoming a DJ, how it grew… etc.)
A: I’ve always loved the sound of electronic music, from being a child listening to Herbie Hancock, MARS, Technotronic, Kraftwerk, etc.  I never really understood electronic music however until I moved to Germany.  There I realized that electronic music is appreciated by lots of people, especially overseas, and I really felt at home all of a sudden the first time I walked into a disco blasting electronic music.  I knew I had a place in the industry, but I wasn’t exactly sure – so I dabbled with production, and failed miserably.  Once I had moved back to the USA, I had invited my girlfriends to a party in DC (I was living in Richmond at the time), because I heard Christopher Lawrence would be DJing there.  I was very into trance music and I knew he was a DJ and a producer, so I was very interested in hearing him at this party (it was at Fur nightclub).  Because we were a group of girls, we were invited to meet the DJ, so I had asked him in person what the difference between a DJ and producer was, because I wanted to produce, and he told me – I need to learn to DJ first.  I never thought about Djing before this, but after he had told me, I signed up immediately for a few classes in NYC scratch academy, and learned the basics of DJing on 2 hip hop records.  My friend Tyke back in Richmond gave me a mixer and some old trance records, and I began to practice the technics diligently at home.  I soon became addicted, started collecting my own vinyl, and soon started DJing out, and have never stopped since.

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Pets make their wishes at Santa’s lap in Tysons

09 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Tysons Galleria and Capitol File Magazine joined on Wednesday night for Santa Pet Photos event to benefit Washington Humane Society. There was a long line of well-dressed and excited wishers, and Santa couldn’t be any busier. More than 100+ guests attended the event, posed with Santa, enjoyed yummy treats and mingled. Can you imagine better time spending on freezing weeknight?

Enjoy some pictures.

Santa is taken!

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Peruvian Christmas is already here

07 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Exhibit of hand-crafted nativity sets has opened in Art gallery of Peruvian Embassy this Tuesday.  Guests of opening reception could enjoy sweet holiday treats and spectate lovely and creative very special crafts by Peruvian artisans. The exhibit will go on daily from noon to 6 p.m.  till December, 22.

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A Night to Remember with Tenor Anthony Kearns at New Zealand Embassy

06 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

The world-renowned  Anthony Kearns paid a visit to New Zealand Embassy on Sunday night. Accompanied by George Mason School of Music’s Dr.Linda Apple Monson, the Irish Tenor performed Christmas songs and Irish classics. Event was held to support USO and ThanksUSA and raised over $5,000 that night.

The Tenor and The Pianist

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Hair Gaga: Washington’s Premier Fashion Event

06 Dec

by George Njiiri

The mercurial and effervescent Glynn Jackson, was hosting his annual Golden scissors event in the Nation’s capital.  There were thousands of participants and patron’s of the 19th version of this annual extravaganza.  Current Mayor elect of D.C., Vincent Gray made a guest appearance in honor of Glynn Jackson.  Other notable celebrities were actor Darrin Hanson, WPGC’s Anji Corley and WKYS’ Jeanie Jones. DC diva Lola Monroe also performed her new single, “overtime.”  This year’s theme was “Hair Gaga, fashion to the extreme”.  Costumes were unabashed, hair designs woven like a basket, shoes riddled with bullet shells and glass!  The foremost Costume was a wedding cake outfit, with a couple on the top, to boot.  There were spectacular outfits reminiscent of something from a sci-fi movie, that would make Lady Gaga proud.  The overall winner of the stylist of the year  and accompanying $1000 prize, was Christopher D. Fountain aka the Pastor, from Connecticut. Next years’ event will be bigger and better and Washington holds its’ collective breath, for what’s in store.

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