Embassy fundraiser helps DC kids go to New Zealand

13 Nov

Text and photos

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

What a great way to finish your working week – helping kids make their dream come true. NZ Embassy hosted a fundraising dinner to help students of DC Hyde school go to  New Zealand to play and study rugby with some of the top coaches and athletes in the world. Two NZ rugby stars – Michael Jones and Frano Botica – attended this event to help raising money.  Signed jerseys, balls, New Zealand wine and other goodies were presented at the auction and people were very excited to participate and support. Even Michael’s new baby, being wide awake due to time difference, seemed to be part of the team. Over $13,000 was collected for that wonderful cause.

Jersey signed by both Michael and Frano started at $500...

... and ended at $2000!!!

Ambassador Rt Hon Mike Moore speaking


some auction items


Frano autographing...

Dessert from paradise

Michael Jones, Jane Coombs, Frano Botica, Tim Strong

Michael Jones and his lovely family

Whole gallery is here


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