Pink boa event at Josephine’s

29 Oct

Text and photos

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Breast cancer awareness month is almost over, but breast cancer itself never sleeps and never takes vacations. Nobody could realize it better and explain it better to others than those who’ve been through it. There were so many pink boas worn and stories told on Thursday night at Josephine. Tigerlily foundation was ending “pink” month with a blast – by event with sharing stories and feeling the importance of life and love. “Love heals, – says Tigerlily founder Maimah Karmo, – even if you don’t survive, – love will heal your heart and your soul”.

This event will benefit the family of Mariel Berrios-Riebe, one of Tigerlily’s Fearless Females who lost her life to the disease on October, 19.

Special respect to those MEN coming for support and wearing PINK BOA.


Donna Kaufman telling her story

Maimah Karmo

Shani Simpson and Kaushika Patel

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