Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 Ria Van Dyke visiting the US

15 Oct

Text,  photos and video

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

This rainy Thursday New Zealand Embassy was brightened by visit of Ria Van Dyke, Mis Universe New Zealand 2010. She arrived to the US as a member of judge panel for beauty pageant “Miss Sinergy 2011” which is being held at House of Sweden this Saturday. Apart from this duty, Ria has very busy schedule and visiting motherland embassy was one of the first tasks on the list. In honor of her “homecoming” there was very warm and hospitable tea party organized by embassy staff (great thanks to Michelle Parish). Miss NZ gave a speech, answered the questions, paid a visit to Ambassador himself, had a tour in the Embassy and had her pictures taken with all who desired, and guess who did not! It is, truly, full time job (and a hard one!) to be Miss Beauty Queen.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday in the House of Sweden!

Ria Van Dyke in the Embassy of New Zealand

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Kia BiaKia Kianersi, TIm Lundin, Matthew Christian Davis, Jeremy 'El Angel' Shivers

New Zealand sheep

morning sweets

Ria giving a speech


Ria and embassy workers

Tim Lundin, John Paul Hamilton, Ria Van Dyke, Kia BiaKia Kianersi, Jeremy 'El Angel' Shivers

Ria Van Dyke and Matthew Christian Davis - two Miss Sinergy judges


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