“If there is something in my way – I move it” – Maimah Karmo of Tigerlily Foundation

30 Sep

Text and photos
by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Maimah and Noelle Karmo, Mom and daughter, full of love

Every woman thinks: “That’s not what’s going to happen to me”. And yet, according to National Cancer Institute, more than 11 thousand (!!!) women under 40 will be diagnosed with breast cancer next year in the US alone. Who are they going to be? People used to think that breast cancer only strikes older women… Maimah Karmo, founder of Tigerlily foundation, was diagnosed at 32. She had 3 years old daughter at that time.

Maimah speaking at the Gala

Other stories include even younger women down to 4 y.o. girl!  Those who survived, and those who are undergoing treatment right now, encourage all women to check themselves regularly and insist on mammogram even if you have to fight for it. “Breast cancer does not discriminate, – says one of the guest speakers, – you are at risk simply because you are a woman”.

Donna Guinn Kaufman, breast cancer survivor

Tigerlily foundation hosted 2nd annual gala – Pink Masquerade Fete’ on September, 29 – event to highlight advocacy and empowerment for young women affected by breast cancer. Visit Tigerlily website

magic catering

Guests could enjoy very inspirational speeches, dinner, entertainment, and also bid in silent auction and purchase “raffling pink boxes” to win gorgeous sapphire necklace. Funds raised at the gala will benefit Tigerlily foundation programs to help young women suffering from breast cancer and rehabilitating after the fight.

Lyrical Dance by Jermaine Jasinski

When you listen to these strong courageous women who overcome such horrible circumstances, who urge to unite, and help, and who seem not to be afraid of anything, you just have your eyes in mist and feel this incredible bundle of power to move mountains and… to love life and appreciate every single moment.

Carla Shamblen, who is currently fighting breast cancer, and her lovely son. Best speech ever, Carla! And yes, see you next year! ♥

Simon Gauthier, who bought 75 of 200 raffling boxes, and won the necklace!

We are so used to words “great cause” so start to forget what’s really behind them. We sometimes think that if we don’t have a million dollars to donate, then why bother. But, all great journeys start with one small step, all puzzles begin with first little piece, and many tiny drops make the ocean. Just think about all tragedies behind those words, and remember, that that might be you who will need the support.

How you can help:

* send the word out

* attend fundraising events

* donate items for the auction

* volunteer

* plan your own fundraiser – email to with questions or ideas.

Sweet little helpers

God bless Tigerlily foundation


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