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Every kid’s a rock star rocked The Ritz

05 Mar

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

On Sunday night, February 27, Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner was lit and noisy with 2011 “Every kid’s a rock star” fundraiser. This event benefited Inova Fairfax Hospital for children. More than 300 families, donors, physicians and Inova team members attended this family- and kid- friendly event.

This unique event in the finest location featured live entertainment by nationally recognized “A+ Dropouts” and DJ Jamie Biden. Kids could enjoy numerous interactive games and activities, such as Mega Make-it Mix (to mix your own songs), Dimmer the Robot (the one with “smart” hands), Immersitron technology, Guitar Hero, and DJ Hero.

Along fashionably but contemporary dressed people there were fairy-tale dressed ladies – Miss Virginia 2010 Caitlin Uze and Miss American sweetheart 2011 Megan Lawless. Kids flanked them both and wouldn’t let go, it is like drem come true – to play ball with “real princesses”! Washington Wizards girls were also huge attraction but for older kids and adults, photos with them were taken throwout the evening consistently.

The amount of food reminded of Thanksgiving feast, and beautifully decorated tables only added to that feeling. Silent auction table (enormous size oval) was not unattended ever, no wonder, there were so many desired items from sponsors for a bargain price! Photobooth seemed to be tremendous hit – there was never-ending line, and, given the faces leaving with happiest expressions, well worth waiting.

What we can’t wait – is next year to attend 2012 “Every kid’s a rock star”, to benefit Inova – Hospital only for Children.

Enjoy the photos here and don’t forget to see whole gallery.

A+ Dropouts performing

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DeeJay Neekola skyrockets her first album – “Playtime” – at District

30 Jan

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Top charted and internationally known DeeJay Neekola celebrated her first album “Playtime” launch  at District in Adams Morgan. Highly anticipated album, and of course, the “girl from its cover” herself, attracted as many people as could fit into the club. It was hot, noisy and fun, and so many DC’s best paid a visit to show the support to everybody’s favorite DJ! Her friend and partner Rex Riot co-spinned that night and together they rocked the club. Neekola was wearing hot dresses, from open back with gloves by Aidah, to hot pink disco mini-mirrors waist by Carlos Reaves and heels by Jezabelles Custom Shoes.

Spotted: Maggy Fancy Francois and Christine Brooks, Paul Wharton, Aidah Fontenot, Kate Michael, Maurissa Potts, Vanessa Camozzi, Michael Clements and Anchyi Wei, Maggie O’Neil and Chris Roche, Donna Donella, Elaine Mensah,  Bianca Chardei, Rachel DeMita, Tim Coburn and about 6 thousand more people *just kidding*

Enjoy some pictures and don’t forget to visit a whole gallery.

Rock it, spin it, shake it!

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First “Put on gloves” event was a tremendous success

30 Jan

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

On January 27, Town Danceboutique was all buzz and movement, unlike everything around the neighborhood which was frozen and sleepy. First annual “Put on gloves” fashion fundraiser, benefiting The Trevor project and Capital Queer Prom, was a smashing success. Starting with the hosts, Will Thomas of Fox5 and Anji Corley of WPGC, continuing with fantastic fashion show, featuring fancy and classic styles, including boxing gloves, and finishing with DC very own fantastic performer Mýa… everything was extremely engaging and charming. Even speeches of thanks, that, let’s be honest, often tend to be boring and long, were very warm and full of heartfelt emotions. Looked like the whole event was very thought through and planned accurate to the finest details.

Amazing event and I’m looking forward to seeing more from Svelte

put on the gloves, stop bullying

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Winter Wonderland by Art Soiree

12 Jan

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

In the busiest season ever, only the most brave and confident troopers dare to throw another event, and succeed to the fullest. Again, fabulous Art Soiree surprised everybody with first class evening dedicated to art. On the night before Christmas Eve, there were 10 photographers presenting their own unique visions and perceptions of what’s called “Winter Wonderland”. As usual, L2 Lounge was packed and shoulders were rubbed a lot, for good.

Lucky photographers chosen for the exhibit flowing from 2010 through 2011 were: Anthony Brice, Emily Clack,  Tim Coburn,  Dominique Fierro, Xeniya Ketz, Yulia Mikhalchuk, Natalya Skiba, Peter Stepanek,  Alyona Vogelmann. Their photobabies were on display till January, 13, right before the next exhibit – Stellar Constellation by Don Patron

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Fashion BS – don’t be too serious!

11 Jan

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

I hate saying “peas and carrots”, so maybe I’d use “coffee and biscotti” describing what a great team they make together. Elaine Mensah and James Cornwell allied not so long time ago to create Fashion BS radio and since then you can hear their inseparable voices broadcasting beautifully!

We met for an interview in December on a day of snow! So many meetings and events were canceled, but we did it! Nothing went according to plan, it went better. That is the thing about them – they are sparkly, bubbly, unpredictable… anything but serious and boring. Watch out, guys, they will go far!

Enjoy the video interview, as well as some photos,  which we managed to do despite all the snow emergency and traffic and mayhem.


Playtime by Neekola

11 Jan

Our DC very own fantastic Deejay Neekola is having a album release party on January, 27. This is an event you don’t want to miss, the cream of music! Regular admission ticket is just $15 in advance and $30 at the door.

See you there.


DeeJay Neekola – music and beyond

10 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Who does not know her? Neekola is a definition of DJ in DC area (and, she is spreading her wings Nationally and Internationally, too!).  Those who love clubbing know her face and her music, and today we get the chance to actually talk to her, which seems to be quiet a rare chance…

Q: How did it all start? (meaning when did you first think of becoming a DJ, how it grew… etc.)
A: I’ve always loved the sound of electronic music, from being a child listening to Herbie Hancock, MARS, Technotronic, Kraftwerk, etc.  I never really understood electronic music however until I moved to Germany.  There I realized that electronic music is appreciated by lots of people, especially overseas, and I really felt at home all of a sudden the first time I walked into a disco blasting electronic music.  I knew I had a place in the industry, but I wasn’t exactly sure – so I dabbled with production, and failed miserably.  Once I had moved back to the USA, I had invited my girlfriends to a party in DC (I was living in Richmond at the time), because I heard Christopher Lawrence would be DJing there.  I was very into trance music and I knew he was a DJ and a producer, so I was very interested in hearing him at this party (it was at Fur nightclub).  Because we were a group of girls, we were invited to meet the DJ, so I had asked him in person what the difference between a DJ and producer was, because I wanted to produce, and he told me – I need to learn to DJ first.  I never thought about Djing before this, but after he had told me, I signed up immediately for a few classes in NYC scratch academy, and learned the basics of DJing on 2 hip hop records.  My friend Tyke back in Richmond gave me a mixer and some old trance records, and I began to practice the technics diligently at home.  I soon became addicted, started collecting my own vinyl, and soon started DJing out, and have never stopped since.

read more text and see more pictures


A Night to Remember with Tenor Anthony Kearns at New Zealand Embassy

06 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

The world-renowned  Anthony Kearns paid a visit to New Zealand Embassy on Sunday night. Accompanied by George Mason School of Music’s Dr.Linda Apple Monson, the Irish Tenor performed Christmas songs and Irish classics. Event was held to support USO and ThanksUSA and raised over $5,000 that night.

The Tenor and The Pianist

more pictures


Es Lo Mio! at Argentine Embassy by Five4Fashion

03 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Five4Fashion, a fashion consortium of stylists, hosted their first collaborative event, Es Lo Mio (It’s My Style) on Thursday night, December, 2.  They took over the recently renovated Argentine Embassy to showcase their products and services. The event went on whole day, was spiced by musical performances, model demonstrations and light Hors d’œuvre. Gift bags for each and every guest included unique Calamarie earrings, all made of natural organic materials such as seeds and orange peel.

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International Club of DC: Masquerade and Anniversary

25 Oct

Text,  photos and video

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

On the night of October, 23, in  The National Museum of Women in the Arts (can you ever find anything more significant?), International Club of DC delivered Annual Masquerade Ball and Seventh Anniversary Gala. Needless to say, the minute you step into the building, you find yourself like on a movie set. Well where else you are able to see so many tuxedos and gowns and masks at the same time? Classic music, performing by live orchestra, and gracefully twirling couples, just add to the feeling. In such atmosphere digital cameras and advanced cell phones look like alien devices from the future. It was absolutely most elegant evening you can imagine and you would not want to trade it for anything else. Food was absolutely expectational (contemporary, too) – consider yourself forget about diet for a while, although you could easily “dance it off” on this marvelous floor. And, the most important part, you don’t have to be “international” to attend.

Enjoy the montage.

All gallery is here.

some pictures here