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Flowers helping Earthquake in Japan

16 Apr

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

L2 once again “arted up” to entertain and to help. On April 14, Don Patron and Ladies DC hosted an art exhibit benefiting Japanese Red Cross Society.  About 10 artists and photographers presented their visions for relief of recent (another yet) earthquake affected our friends in Japan. This is how Cherry Blossoms are paying back! 3000 trees, gifted by Tokyo Mayor in 1912, bloom annually in DC and have become National attraction. Now artists, capturing this beauty and reflecting it on their paper/canvases, return the favor by helping Japan in need. Beauty will continue saving the world forever. Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to see whole gallery!

Don Patron, Maggie O’Neill,  Collander Malone, Walter Grio,  Dominque Fierro,  Aaron Craven,  Junelle Cavero,  Anna Davis,  Rodger Shultz,  Deidree Bennett, Alejandro Martin, Lindsey Mask, Leah Dyrud, Nina Snow, Wendy Gordon, Donna Donella, Alexa Holcombe, Ky Walker, Zara Corutz, Sam Kavenchy, Yulia Mikhalchuk

Wendy Gordon, Deidree Bennett and Donna Donella holding Deidree's triptych

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Don Patron and Ladies DC host Hanami: Flower viewing

14 Apr

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Join artist Don Patron and Ladies DC for Hanami: Flower Viewing in L2 tonight! Art and Photography exhibit, featuring our special DC Cherry Blossoms captured and interpreted by following artists: Maggie O’Neill,  Collander Malone, Walter Grio,  Dominque Fierro,  Aaron Craven,  Junelle Cavero,  Anna Davis,  Rodger Shultz, and Deidree Bennett. Also film feauture by Alejandro Martin will be showed. Not to mention DC finest crowd and one of the best locations.

$20 donations at the door, proceeds benefit Japanese Red Cross Society.


First “Shutter Wars” winner is announced before even airing

05 Feb

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Marcus Wattz is the winner of first season of “Shutter Wars” which will start airing this February. As it was promised earlier, his personal exhibit was unveiled by Art Soiree this Friday in L2. Armin DeFiesta, founder and producer of the show, as well as 2 of 3 judges – Nicole Wolf and Douglas Sonders, and all 5 participating photographers attended the event.  Brick walls of L2 held tons of all kinds of art before, and now their space is granted as a prize for the winner of reality show! Congratulations to all the photographers taken part in this show as being pioneers is already a great benefit – Jessica Stoker, Jack Fleming, Katherine Klegin, Ivory Lawrence, Crystal George. Great thanks to Sandro Keresa and Tati Ana of Art Soiree for delivering yet another fantastic event.

Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to watch the show.

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Stellar Constellation blooms and roams

16 Jan

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

On Thursday night, January 13, very unique art exhibit opened in L2 – Stellar Constellation. Forty portraits of DC philanthropists, created by artist Don Patron, “landed” on the walls of L2. According to Don, 38 out of 40 charity heroes visited the exhibit that night.

“These Charitable souls, like the stars, are observed in our City and we are guided by them. Yet, these individuals are never the focus of the charity they dedicate their lives to… They are leaders but place others before themselves. They make tangible the hopes of our American Society Dreams… It is my honor to paint the light of these stars as they illuminate, not only my daily life, but all others their strong identities cast a light over.” – D.P.

Those who weren’t able to attend the opening, definitely have lots of chances to glance or stare at those creations for three more weeks. After that time, paintings are going to hands of those who are portrayed, so will become parts of private collections. Do not miss your short opportunity to observe those you might know, captured on paper. The event was executed by fantastic couple Sandro and Tati of Art Soiree.

Wall of fame

more pictures


Winter Wonderland by Art Soiree

12 Jan

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

In the busiest season ever, only the most brave and confident troopers dare to throw another event, and succeed to the fullest. Again, fabulous Art Soiree surprised everybody with first class evening dedicated to art. On the night before Christmas Eve, there were 10 photographers presenting their own unique visions and perceptions of what’s called “Winter Wonderland”. As usual, L2 Lounge was packed and shoulders were rubbed a lot, for good.

Lucky photographers chosen for the exhibit flowing from 2010 through 2011 were: Anthony Brice, Emily Clack,  Tim Coburn,  Dominique Fierro, Xeniya Ketz, Yulia Mikhalchuk, Natalya Skiba, Peter Stepanek,  Alyona Vogelmann. Their photobabies were on display till January, 13, right before the next exhibit – Stellar Constellation by Don Patron

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Hope for Haiti: there is one!

16 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

On Wednesday night The Reserve On L restaurant was buzzed with excitement to benefit NOAH (National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians). The Pampered Rose‘ Alisani Brazil presented her two new fragrances, as well as whole line of products for sale to  raise money for the cause. Demont “Peekaso” Pinder provided fine art piece, created specifically for Haiti. There was live band, jewelry, treats and drinks and mingle-friendly atmosphere. All the proceeds will go directly to Haiti Earthquake victims.

Painting by Demont "Peekaso" Pinder

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Winter Wonderland at L2: First annual

15 Dec

Everything that Art Soiree does – it does at highest standards. Winter Wonderland, planned to launch on December, 23 at L2 lounge, fingers crossed, won’t be any exception.  There will be Ice sculptures, live performances and multi-artist photography exhibit, all combined by “Winter Wonderland” theme. Mark your calendar, this is an event to go to.

If you are unable to attend, then look for the coverage by DressHopper any time soon after the 23-d.


Fashion and Art benefiting Lollipops

12 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Friday evening Washington Design Center vivified by “The beyond words Fashion and Art Show”, benefiting Lollipop Kids Foundation. The place was packed to see the show of FOUR amazing designers –


Chez Kevito,

Andrew Nowell

and Afua Sam

Before, as well as after fashion show, guests could enjoy children’s art works by WVSA, as well as Lisa Jones’ collection called “Shattered Glass II”. So, it was a harmonious mix of art, fashion and networking.

Applauds never faded away, one great collection after another. Tsyndyma, who we thought was taking a break from showing her fabulous pieces on runways in DC, so it was even more thrilling that she did, and brightened the evening by new creative pieces. Titi of Chez Kevito presented not only sexy colorful dresses but also hand-made jewelry. Andrew Nowell put all the spectators in awe mode by equipping his opening model with a wooden crook, and the whole collection had very pilgrimy feel. Afua Sam’s collection was very glamorous, theatrical and chic. All the designers presented their visions, so different, but combined by one idea – creating beauty and giving back to the community.

Enjoy some pictures and don’t forget to see the whole gallery.

Afua Sam's

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Peruvian Christmas is already here

07 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

Exhibit of hand-crafted nativity sets has opened in Art gallery of Peruvian Embassy this Tuesday.  Guests of opening reception could enjoy sweet holiday treats and spectate lovely and creative very special crafts by Peruvian artisans. The exhibit will go on daily from noon to 6 p.m.  till December, 22.

more pictures

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ArtJamz now amuses families too!

05 Dec

by Yulia Mikhalchuk

On Sunday, December 5, Art Jamz held its second art session for families with kids. Who, if not the kids, can better “unleash their inner artists”! In a spacey industrial loft (where else they can release their energy running around without being told to calm down and sit still?), inspired by artsy surroundings, music spins by DJ Neekola, yummy snacks and drinks, and city overlooks, they created wildly and fearfully! The atmosphere is so comfortable and addictive,  even before finishing you regret it happens so soon and you want to come back again!

Happy family with their creations

more pictures

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